Pammm-16 is the culmination of more than 30 years' fantasizing about the ultimate mind-blowing masturbator, and inspired by thoughts of the futuristic sexbot that can do things to a man no biological woman can. Many of the ideas that go into Pammm were conceived before the technology existed to build it into a real device. But now is the time.


What's it like? Imagine a fuck, three different types of hand job, a blow job, prostate massage, rimjob, vibrator sex and electro-sex all at the same time!

Options and Add-ons

How long will it take?

Much of the conceptual design is finished. The multimodal frenulum stimulator alone went through a dozen or more concepts before it settled out into its latest incarnation, one that contains 180 individual components. There are still some parts of the conceptual stage to work out, and the details of the physical design and computer programming. Some parts, such as the prostate stimulator, may require several iterations to get it right, so the world will not see one for a year or two.

Because of the high level of technology involved and the necessity for highly specialized components, the fabrication of the first prototype will require either expensive fabrication services or the purchase of new equipment that can be costly. Furthermore, construction costs will not be trivial because of the use of modern robotics technology. To this end, we are starting an Indiegogo campaign to raise initial development costs.